North Wales Cricket League Premier Division 2017

 Points Table
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22 Apr 2017  Bangor v Chirk Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1915
22 Apr 2017  Brymbo v Menai Bridge Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1916
22 Apr 2017  Connah's Quay v Denbigh Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1917
22 Apr 2017  Llandudno v Mochdre The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1918
22 Apr 2017  St Asaph v Llanrwst Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1919
29 Apr 2017  Chirk v Connah's Quay Holyhead Road, Chirk nwalp1920
29 Apr 2017  Denbigh v Llandudno Ystrad Road, Denbigh nwalp1921
29 Apr 2017  Hawarden Park v Brymbo Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1922
29 Apr 2017  Menai Bridge v St Asaph Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1923
29 Apr 2017  Mochdre v Bangor Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1924
01 May 2017  Gresford v Hawarden Park Clappers Lane, Gresford nwalp1925
06 May 2017  Bangor v Llandudno Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1926
06 May 2017  Chirk v Denbigh Holyhead Road, Chirk nwalp1927
06 May 2017  Connah's Quay v Mochdre Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1928
06 May 2017  Gresford v Brymbo Clappers Lane, Gresford nwalp1929
06 May 2017  Llanrwst v Menai Bridge Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1930
06 May 2017  St Asaph v Hawarden Park Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1931
13 May 2017  Bangor v Denbigh Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1932
13 May 2017  Brymbo v St Asaph Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1933
13 May 2017  Gresford v Menai Bridge Clappers Lane, Gresford nwalp1934
13 May 2017  Hawarden Park v Llanrwst Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1935
13 May 2017  Llandudno v Connah's Quay The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1936
13 May 2017  Mochdre v Chirk Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1937
20 May 2017  Chirk v Llandudno Holyhead Road, Chirk nwalp1938
20 May 2017  Connah's Quay v Bangor Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1939
20 May 2017  Denbigh v Mochdre Ystrad Road, Denbigh nwalp1940
20 May 2017  Llanrwst v Brymbo Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1941
20 May 2017  Menai Bridge v Hawarden Park Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1942
20 May 2017  St Asaph v Gresford Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1943
27 May 2017  Brymbo v Bangor Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1944
27 May 2017  Gresford v Connah's Quay Clappers Lane, Gresford nwalp1945
27 May 2017  Hawarden Park v Denbigh Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1946
27 May 2017  Llanrwst v Mochdre Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1947
27 May 2017  Menai Bridge v Chirk Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1948
27 May 2017  St Asaph v Llandudno Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1949
29 May 2017  Llanrwst v Gresford Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1950
03 Jun 2017  Bangor v Llanrwst Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1951
03 Jun 2017  Chirk v St Asaph Holyhead Road, Chirk nwalp1952
03 Jun 2017  Connah's Quay v Brymbo Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1953
03 Jun 2017  Denbigh v Menai Bridge Ystrad Road, Denbigh nwalp1954
03 Jun 2017  Llandudno v Gresford The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1955
03 Jun 2017  Mochdre v Hawarden Park Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1956
10 Jun 2017  Brymbo v Mochdre Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1956a
10 Jun 2017  Gresford v Bangor Clappers Lane, Gresford nwalp1957
10 Jun 2017  Hawarden Park v Chirk Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1958
10 Jun 2017  Llanrwst v Denbigh Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1958a
10 Jun 2017  Menai Bridge v Llandudno Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1959
10 Jun 2017  St Asaph v Connah's Quay Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1960
17 Jun 2017  Bangor v Hawarden Park Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1961
17 Jun 2017  Chirk v Gresford Holyhead Road, Chirk nwalp1962
17 Jun 2017  Connah's Quay v Llanrwst Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1963
17 Jun 2017  Denbigh v St Asaph Ystrad Road, Denbigh nwalp1964
17 Jun 2017  Llandudno v Brymbo The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1965
17 Jun 2017  Mochdre v Menai Bridge Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1966
24 Jun 2017  Brymbo v Denbigh Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1967
24 Jun 2017  Gresford v Mochdre Clappers Lane, Gresford nwalp1968
24 Jun 2017  Hawarden Park v Llandudno Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1969
24 Jun 2017  Llanrwst v Chirk Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1970
24 Jun 2017  Menai Bridge v Connah's Quay Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1971
24 Jun 2017  St Asaph v Bangor Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1972
01 Jul 2017  Bangor v Menai Bridge Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1973
01 Jul 2017  Chirk v Brymbo Holyhead Road, Chirk nwalp1974
01 Jul 2017  Connah's Quay v Hawarden Park Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1975
01 Jul 2017  Denbigh v Gresford Ystrad Road, Denbigh nwalp1976
01 Jul 2017  Llandudno v Llanrwst The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1977
01 Jul 2017  Mochdre v St Asaph Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1978
08 Jul 2017  Chirk v Bangor Holyhead Road, Chirk nwalp1979
08 Jul 2017  Denbigh v Connah's Quay Ystrad Road, Denbigh nwalp1980
08 Jul 2017  Hawarden Park v Gresford Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1981
08 Jul 2017  Llanrwst v St Asaph Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst nwalp1982
08 Jul 2017  Menai Bridge v Brymbo Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1983
08 Jul 2017  Mochdre v Llandudno Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1984
15 Jul 2017  Bangor v Mochdre Ty Newydd, Bangor nwalp1985
15 Jul 2017  Brymbo v Hawarden Park Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1986
15 Jul 2017  Connah's Quay v Chirk Central Park, Connah's Quay nwalp1987
15 Jul 2017  Gresford v Llanrwst Clappers Lane, Gresford nwalp1988
15 Jul 2017  Llandudno v Denbigh The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1989
15 Jul 2017  St Asaph v Menai Bridge Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph nwalp1990
22 Jul 2017  Brymbo v Gresford Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron nwalp1991
22 Jul 2017  Denbigh v Chirk Ystrad Road, Denbigh nwalp1992
22 Jul 2017  Hawarden Park v St Asaph Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden nwalp1993
22 Jul 2017  Llandudno v Bangor The Oval, Llandudno nwalp1994
22 Jul 2017  Menai Bridge v Llanrwst Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge nwalp1995
22 Jul 2017  Mochdre v Connah's Quay Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre nwalp1996
29 Jul 2017  Chirk v Mochdre Holyhead Road, Chirk
29 Jul 2017  Connah's Quay v Llandudno Central Park, Connah's Quay
29 Jul 2017  Denbigh v Bangor Ystrad Road, Denbigh
29 Jul 2017  Llanrwst v Hawarden Park Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst
29 Jul 2017  Menai Bridge v Gresford Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge
29 Jul 2017  St Asaph v Brymbo Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph
05 Aug 2017  Bangor v Connah's Quay Ty Newydd, Bangor
05 Aug 2017  Brymbo v Llanrwst Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron
05 Aug 2017  Gresford v St Asaph Clappers Lane, Gresford
05 Aug 2017  Hawarden Park v Menai Bridge Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden
05 Aug 2017  Llandudno v Chirk The Oval, Llandudno
05 Aug 2017  Mochdre v Denbigh Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre
12 Aug 2017  Bangor v Brymbo Ty Newydd, Bangor
12 Aug 2017  Chirk v Menai Bridge Holyhead Road, Chirk
12 Aug 2017  Connah's Quay v Gresford Central Park, Connah's Quay
12 Aug 2017  Denbigh v Hawarden Park Ystrad Road, Denbigh
12 Aug 2017  Llandudno v St Asaph The Oval, Llandudno
12 Aug 2017  Mochdre v Llanrwst Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre
19 Aug 2017  Brymbo v Connah's Quay Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron
19 Aug 2017  Gresford v Llandudno Clappers Lane, Gresford
19 Aug 2017  Hawarden Park v Mochdre Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden
19 Aug 2017  Llanrwst v Bangor Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst
19 Aug 2017  Menai Bridge v Denbigh Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge
19 Aug 2017  St Asaph v Chirk Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph
26 Aug 2017  Bangor v Gresford Ty Newydd, Bangor
26 Aug 2017  Chirk v Hawarden Park Holyhead Road, Chirk
26 Aug 2017  Connah's Quay v St Asaph Central Park, Connah's Quay
26 Aug 2017  Denbigh v Llanrwst Ystrad Road, Denbigh
26 Aug 2017  Llandudno v Menai Bridge The Oval, Llandudno
26 Aug 2017  Mochdre v Brymbo Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre
28 Aug 2017  Llanrwst v Llandudno Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst
02 Sep 2017  Brymbo v Llandudno Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron
02 Sep 2017  Gresford v Chirk Clappers Lane, Gresford
02 Sep 2017  Hawarden Park v Bangor Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden
02 Sep 2017  Llanrwst v Connah's Quay Gwydyr Park, Llanrwst
02 Sep 2017  Menai Bridge v Mochdre Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge
02 Sep 2017  St Asaph v Denbigh Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph
09 Sep 2017  Bangor v St Asaph Ty Newydd, Bangor
09 Sep 2017  Chirk v Llanrwst Holyhead Road, Chirk
09 Sep 2017  Connah's Quay v Menai Bridge Central Park, Connah's Quay
09 Sep 2017  Denbigh v Brymbo Ystrad Road, Denbigh
09 Sep 2017  Llandudno v Hawarden Park The Oval, Llandudno
09 Sep 2017  Mochdre v Gresford Black Marsh Fields, Mochdre
16 Sep 2017  Brymbo v Chirk Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron
16 Sep 2017  Gresford v Denbigh Clappers Lane, Gresford
16 Sep 2017  Hawarden Park v Connah's Quay Hawarden Castle Ground, Hawarden
16 Sep 2017  Menai Bridge v Bangor Tyn-y-Cae, Menai Bridge
16 Sep 2017  St Asaph v Mochdre Elwy Grove Park, St Asaph

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