Shepherd Neame Kent Cricket League Second Division 2018

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05 May 2018  Ashford Town v Whitstable Stacians Park, Ashford kcl12452
05 May 2018  Broadstairs v Chestfield Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl12456
05 May 2018  Gore Court v Hayes The Grove, Sittingbourne kcl12465
05 May 2018  Old Wilsonians v Nonington Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl12473
05 May 2018  Orpington v Upchurch Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl12474
12 May 2018  Chestfield v Gore Court Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl12487
12 May 2018  Hayes v Ashford Town Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl12492
12 May 2018  Nonington v Broadstairs Fredville Park, Nonington kcl12497
12 May 2018  Upchurch v Old Wilsonians Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl12504
12 May 2018  Whitstable v Orpington Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl12506
19 May 2018  Ashford Town v Orpington Stacians Park, Ashford kcl12507
19 May 2018  Broadstairs v Hayes Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl12512
19 May 2018  Gore Court v Whitstable The Grove, Sittingbourne kcl12518
19 May 2018  Nonington v Upchurch Fredville Park, Nonington kcl12526
19 May 2018  Old Wilsonians v Chestfield Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl12530
26 May 2018  Chestfield v Nonington Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl12541
26 May 2018  Hayes v Old Wilsonians Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl12548
26 May 2018  Orpington v Gore Court Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl12556
26 May 2018  Upchurch v Ashford Town Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl12562
26 May 2018  Whitstable v Broadstairs Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl12564
02 Jun 2018  Broadstairs v Ashford Town Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl12569
02 Jun 2018  Chestfield v Hayes Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl12574
02 Jun 2018  Gore Court v Upchurch The Grove, Sittingbourne kcl12578
02 Jun 2018  Nonington v Whitstable Fredville Park, Nonington kcl12586
02 Jun 2018  Old Wilsonians v Orpington Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl12589
09 Jun 2018  Ashford Town v Gore Court Stacians Park, Ashford kcl12594
09 Jun 2018  Hayes v Nonington Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl12605
09 Jun 2018  Orpington v Broadstairs Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl12614
09 Jun 2018  Upchurch v Chestfield Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl12620
09 Jun 2018  Whitstable v Old Wilsonians Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl12622
16 Jun 2018  Ashford Town v Chestfield Stacians Park, Ashford kcl12623
16 Jun 2018  Broadstairs v Old Wilsonians Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl12628
16 Jun 2018  Gore Court v Nonington The Grove, Sittingbourne kcl12636
16 Jun 2018  Orpington v Hayes Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl12647
16 Jun 2018  Upchurch v Whitstable Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl12651
23 Jun 2018  Broadstairs v Gore Court Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl12658
23 Jun 2018  Chestfield v Whitstable Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl12662
23 Jun 2018  Hayes v Upchurch Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl12668
23 Jun 2018  Nonington v Orpington Fredville Park, Nonington kcl12672
23 Jun 2018  Old Wilsonians v Ashford Town Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl12674
30 Jun 2018  Ashford Town v Nonington Stacians Park, Ashford kcl12681
30 Jun 2018  Gore Court v Old Wilsonians The Grove, Sittingbourne kcl12690
30 Jun 2018  Orpington v Chestfield Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl12702
30 Jun 2018  Upchurch v Broadstairs Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl12707
30 Jun 2018  Whitstable v Hayes Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl12709
07 Jul 2018  Chestfield v Broadstairs Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl12716
07 Jul 2018  Hayes v Gore Court Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl12723
07 Jul 2018  Nonington v Old Wilsonians Fredville Park, Nonington kcl12729
07 Jul 2018  Upchurch v Orpington Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl12735
07 Jul 2018  Whitstable v Ashford Town Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl12737
14 Jul 2018  Ashford Town v Hayes Stacians Park, Ashford kcl12738
14 Jul 2018  Broadstairs v Nonington Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl12741
14 Jul 2018  Gore Court v Chestfield The Grove, Sittingbourne kcl12750
14 Jul 2018  Old Wilsonians v Upchurch Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl12759
14 Jul 2018  Orpington v Whitstable Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl12760
21 Jul 2018  Chestfield v Old Wilsonians Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl12772
21 Jul 2018  Hayes v Broadstairs Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl12779
21 Jul 2018  Orpington v Ashford Town Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl12787
21 Jul 2018  Upchurch v Nonington Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl12793
21 Jul 2018  Whitstable v Gore Court Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl12795
28 Jul 2018  Ashford Town v Upchurch Stacians Park, Ashford kcl12796
28 Jul 2018  Broadstairs v Whitstable Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl12801
28 Jul 2018  Gore Court v Orpington The Grove, Sittingbourne kcl12808
28 Jul 2018  Nonington v Chestfield Fredville Park, Nonington kcl12816
28 Jul 2018  Old Wilsonians v Hayes Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl12819
04 Aug 2018  Ashford Town v Broadstairs Stacians Park, Ashford kcl12824
04 Aug 2018  Hayes v Chestfield Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl12835
04 Aug 2018  Orpington v Old Wilsonians Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl12844
04 Aug 2018  Upchurch v Gore Court Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl12850
04 Aug 2018  Whitstable v Nonington Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl12852
11 Aug 2018  Broadstairs v Orpington Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl12857
11 Aug 2018  Chestfield v Upchurch Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl12862
11 Aug 2018  Gore Court v Ashford Town The Grove, Sittingbourne kcl12865a
11 Aug 2018  Nonington v Hayes Fredville Park, Nonington kcl12872
11 Aug 2018  Old Wilsonians v Whitstable Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl12875
18 Aug 2018  Chestfield v Ashford Town Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl12886
18 Aug 2018  Hayes v Orpington Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl12894
18 Aug 2018  Nonington v Gore Court Fredville Park, Nonington kcl12898
18 Aug 2018  Old Wilsonians v Broadstairs Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl12900
18 Aug 2018  Whitstable v Upchurch Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl12909
25 Aug 2018  Ashford Town v Old Wilsonians Stacians Park, Ashford kcl12910
25 Aug 2018  Gore Court v Broadstairs The Grove, Sittingbourne kcl12919
25 Aug 2018  Orpington v Nonington Goddington Dene, Orpington kcl12931
25 Aug 2018  Upchurch v Hayes Holywell Meadow, Upchurch kcl12936
25 Aug 2018  Whitstable v Chestfield Belmont Road, Whitstable kcl12938
01 Sep 2018  Broadstairs v Upchurch Park Avenue, Dumpton Park kcl12945
01 Sep 2018  Chestfield v Orpington Grasmere Road, Chestfield kcl12949
01 Sep 2018  Hayes v Whitstable Barnet Wood Road, Hayes kcl12955
01 Sep 2018  Nonington v Ashford Town Fredville Park, Nonington kcl12959
01 Sep 2018  Old Wilsonians v Gore Court Hayes Hill, Hayes kcl12961





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