Heavy bats are advantageous, change rules for bowlers, says Mark Boucher
by Bipin Dani

Player:MV Boucher

DateLine: 12th July 2016


Mumbai, July 11 : Australia's former captain Ricky Ponting and coach Darren Lehmann may have expressed concern for the use of heavy bats for the Tests, but South Africa's ex-wicket-keeper /batsman Mark Boucher begs to differ with this idea.


"I think it (heavy bat) is advantageous and the game of cricket has adopted it", Boucher, who registered fifty runs in 19 balls in an ODI against Kenya in 2001 (Capetown), said from South Africa.


Lehmann has even gone to the extent of saying that heavy bat is a safety concern in the nets.


But reasoning for the heavier bats by the batsmen, Boucher says, "players are stronger and can therefore lift heavier bats. It also adds to the entertainment".


"I think we need to look at how to help advance bowlers and their skills, maybe by changing the rules slightly, because batsmen are developing at a faster rate in the game".


"It (changing rules) would be a massive decision, but yes maybe we could make that call in the long format, like Test cricket".


"We need to be less strict on wide-balls, and bouncers, fielding restrictions etc. If a batsman can move before the ball is bowled, then why should not the wide line be able to move as well ?", he asked.


Ponting is also the member of the MCC's World Cricket Committee and the discussions on balance between bat and ball and the possible regulation of bat sizes are scheduled on Agenda for meetings to be held at Lord's on Monday and Tuesday.


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