Teams Peter Topley played for

Main FCKent (1972-1975)
Main ListAKent (1972-1975)
Other FCMarylebone Cricket Club (1973)
Second Eleven ChampionshipKent Second XI (1969-1975)
Warwick Pool Under 25Kent Under-25s (1972-1975)
Kent Cricket LeagueSt Lawrence and Highland Court (1971-1973)
 Folkestone (1974-1976)
County ChampionshipKent (1972-1975)
MiscellaneousAssociation of Kent Cricket Clubs Under-19s (1968-1969)
 Kent Young Amateurs (1968)
 Kent Young Cricketers (1968)
 National Association of Young Cricketers South (1969)
 National Association of Young Cricketers (1970)
 Kent Second XI (1971-1974)
 Kent (1973)
 St Lawrence and Highland Court (1974)