Teams Shelby Sutton played for

Women's List ANottinghamshire Women (2010-2015)
Women's Twenty20Nottinghamshire Women (2011-2015)
Women's Under-13 County CupNottinghamshire Under-13s Women (2007-2008)
Women's Under-15 County CupNottinghamshire Under-15s Women (2008-2009)
Women's Under-17 County CupNottinghamshire Under-17s Women (2008-2011)
Women's MiscellaneousRansome and Marles Women Second XI (2009-2012)
 Ransome and Marles Women (2009-2012)
 England Women's Development Programme Under-19s Team Two (2012)
 Clifton Village Women (2013-2015)
 Clifton Village Women Second XI (2016)